Our mission is to create a teaching model that predicts and improves learning outcomes.Our goal is to see children from economically challenged communities afforded quality education at LITTLE or NO cost. The Institute of Basic Technology also offers nonprofit educational consultancy.


Ever wondered how to objectively measure the impact of donating books, food, money, etc. to a student in a socioeconomically challenged community? Is there a way to predict how such student would fare prior to entering a senior high classroom? Well that is the goal of our institution and here’s how we got started…

After more than 13 years of a devastating civil war, the Liberian educational system is still struggling to emerge. For a country whose population is a little over 4 million people with about 45% under the age of 15, the future of the country is at stake. Although the government is striving to resuscitate the educational system, a collaborative, partnership is needed to subsidize the herculean task of overhauling the archaic school system.

The practical steps to what would later become Institute of Basic Technology (IBT) were taken in the summer of 2007 by my wife, Sylvia M. Bollie, and me. We both knew from the time we first met that we wanted to help shape the educational system in Liberia. In the summer of 2007 Sylvia, then a medical student The George Washington University, volunteered teaching Biology at the University of Liberia. At the end of her five (5) week long internship, she returned to the United States and successfully led a campaign to donate text books for the University.

In spring of 2013 we became more intentional by providing scholarship to a few high school students striving toward academic excellence. However, when it was widely publicized that about 25,000 students failed the entrance exams to the University of Liberia, we knew that our actions had to exceed financial donations. Sylvia and I wanted to help address the larger issue of the lagging high school educational system. We attributed this lag in no small part to the more than thirteen (13) years of civil war that decimated the country and the crippling poverty that ensued.

In November of 2015, we incorporated the Institute of Basic Technology and two (2) years later in November of 2017 we opened the STEM labs in Liberia. We are very EXCITED about the future of Science Technology Engineering and Math in Liberia!!! The Institute of Basic Technology is a tax-exempt, federally recognized 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose main objective is to provide guidance in STEM curriculum development and support to high schools serving poorer communities in Liberia, West Africa.